• 5 stars

    "Fantastic build quality that just screams professional. I am in love."
    - David L.

  • 5 stars

    "They are perfect & The app is easy & user-friendly. Thank you team."
    - Yoshi F

  • 5 stars

    “Really impressed with the quality... Thanks for creating a badass light!”
    - Darren N.

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Diffuse the situation, with magnetic might

Slite's custom-designed diffuser is perfect for those chasing soft, soft light! Flattering for portraits, video calls and livestreams, the Diffuser was also made with ease in-mind.
Using the power of magnets, simply slide it on top of your Slite and it’ll snap into place!

Run your Slite from a USB-C power bank

That’s right! The super powerful Slite can run off a USB-C power bank, meaning professional lighting can travel with you everywhere. Heavy, clumsy, easy-to-forget batteries are now a thing of the past. And, if you’re streaming or shooting at home, you can save power bank juice and plug into the grid, using the wall charger that comes with every Slite.

Slimline, lightweight. That's Slite!

At 14mm thin and 1035g, our pro-quality LED panel slides comfortably alongside your laptop and camera. Everything a content creator needs in one camera bag or piece of carry-on! The combination of its slim and lightweight form factor was one of the reasons we called it Slite. But don’t let the name fool you. The super powerful 55-watt custom LEDs ensure Slite punches well above its weight!

Slite has a magnetic back which can be mounted to metallic surfaces, or Slite's magnetic mount

Flexible mounting, strong content

Slite is packed with magnets, so that you can get creative and mount it to metallic surfaces. Every Slite comes with our custom magnetic plate. Using the plate’s universal 1/4 inch screw point, you can mount your LED panel to stands, gimbals and the Slite flexi-mount. Which, as the name suggests, gives you ultimate mounting flexibility.

Why Katie Jane Hughes Loves Slite

“Slite is easy-to-use and take with me wherever I go. It makes me and my content look bloody brilliant - I genuinely love it... if Apple were to design a light, I imagine it’d be like Slite.”

- Katie Jane Hughes. Based in New York, Katie is a celebrity and editorial makeup artist. When she’s not creating looks for Hailey Bieber or Kate Bosworth, Katie is making fun, creative and inspiring content. Offering expert beauty tips and tutorials to her millions of adoring subscribers.

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