Why don't more creators use pro lighting?

Why don't more creators use pro lighting?

The best technology provides enormous value, without an enormous amount of education. In creating Slite, we became students of the 'pro lighting' landscape. 
Overwhelmingly, the terminology, user-interfaces, even form factors were inaccessible. LUX, lumens, TLCI, CRI, green-magenta adjustment, DMX, beam angles. Mounting solutions, power supplies, even power output explainers left us scratching our heads thinking, 'watt the f***?' Why hadn't someone created a pro light for the lay creator? Was there a market? Were bigger, expensive, tech-bro-designed lights better? Does everyone need a Maserati to drive to the shops?

Slite has impressive specs and features. Even though we're in our infancy, we've made a conscious decision to show not tell. To educate, not assume. When user-testing the light, subjects ranged from gaffers to grandfathers. Blind Beta testers of our app ranged from technology 'gurus' to one of our mothers who'd, only a week prior, called to ask how to record shows on Netflix. It's through five years of hands-on user-testing, research and market analysis, that we developed Slite. Our easy-to-use, accessible, high-performance light.

Professional lighting, without a professional lighting education. 
Explaining the complex in a simple way is one of the greatest challenges in life. The most brilliant communicators, educators, developers, designers and engineers make the complex less complex. So, while Slite has impressive specs, features and innovations, we pride ourselves on translating them into words the lay creator can appreciate.

For example:
Each Slite contains 204 custom RGBWW 55-watt LEDs rated 98.9CRI / 99+TLCI with a 120 degree beam angle. Initial testing with the Seikonic C-800 light meter shows a 4700k reading of 2900lux at 1m.

Lay terms:

Slite lights omit extremely bright, flattering light. And let's you get creative with color, with our LEDs able to reproduce 16 million colors!

We can do better. And we want feedback - so if you ever have a question, or don't understand something, please write to us: hello@slite.co. 

Slite was designed to be portable and the opposite of intimidating.

We made Slite as slimline (14mm) and lightweight (1035g) as possible. In fact, the inspiration for the name - Slite - came from the amalgamation of slight (thin), lite (reductionist) and, you guessed it, light

Slight + lite + light = Slite. 

As for being intimidating, we ignored the category. Instead, taking design cues from products, apps and objects we - as consumers - took pleasure in using; that felt intuitive; approachable; exciting!

We're proud of Slite. It's easy-to-use, understand and explain. While we can - and will continue to do better - hopefully our light gives more creators the opportunity (read: permission) to use professional lighting.

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