Make lighting your secret content weapon!

Making your content stand out online is a challenge. Whether it's trying to generate more interest in your photography on Instagram, or get viewers tuning in to your Twitch, being distinct is important.

Lighting is your secret weapon. Helping convey personality and create visual intrigue, whilst also ensuring you - and your content - is being shown in the best light. More and more, successful full-time content creators are distinguishing themselves through lighting.

Kayleen's Coffee - a Slite Ambassador - is a shining example (see what we did there?) of a creator whose content pops off the screen. Using Slite’s RGB LEDs - which can reproduce 16 million colors - Kayleen’s content comes to life -and is instantly identifiable as hers.

We created Slite as a tool for content creators, like Kayleen, to stand out. To be able to, regardless of lighting experience or knowledge level, use Slite’s high-performance LED lights to take better photos, feeds, livestreams and videos. So that when scrolling through a sea of same-same content, people are stopped in their tracks by an aesthetic that’s recognizably ‘you’. 


Let’s explore how lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality and impact of creative works. Explain specific lighting attributes and techniques. Give tips on how to harness their power, and make lighting your secret weapon.  

Setting the Mood. Creating an Atmosphere.

Lighting is a powerful (and often overlooked) tool for professional photographers and videographers. For Slite Ambassador, Landon, our award-winning LED panel allows him to have full control over mood and atmosphere. By manipulating intensity, color temperature, effects and even saving them as ‘Scenes’ via app Slite's for iOS and Android.

For the shoot above, Landon was looking to achieve warm, soft lighting. Using Slite lights - and our slide-on Diffuser - he created a cozy atmosphere for his beauty brand, lifestyle shoot.  

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Slite’s RGBWW LEDs can also create vibrant, dynamic and striking colorful lighting setups. Colorful can add personality, energy and excitement. Great for product photographers when shooting brands with a bit of attitude - like the above BTS. Or for capturing the joy of a moment in portraits, celebrations, spontaneous livestreams, or even weddings! Forget the confetti, Slite will bring the color!

Transform boring into brilliant. 
Ever wondered how some streamers (or even colleagues on video calls) look so, incredible? Subjects lit with high-quality, accurate lighting - like Slite's 98.9CRI/99+TLCI LEDS - appear more vibrant; flattering; and offer more detail. Which is likely get you more attention. Jenny from Accounts Payable’s blue eyes really come to life when she’s using her Slite on Zoom (spoiler: we don’t have a Jenny in Accounts Payable). But we do have a gamer in the Slite family, called Lynda. Check out how she brightens up her streams with Slite.

But brightness isn’t the only factor when using light to transform your scene (or self). Content creators can utilize high performance lights, like Slite, to draw attention to elements of their subject. Control shadows, highlights and dreaded blowouts. Accentuate facial features in a portrait. Illuminate the texture of a food dish. Showcase the intricate details of a client's product.

Slite can enhance the overall appeal of your content, captivate your audience and un
leash new scroll-stopping content opportunities. 

Create content that’s distinctly you.
As a content creator you’re putting a piece of you out into the world. You are an artist! Whether it’s a photo of a duck, TikTok dance move, or cooking show on YouTube, your content is an extension of you. Lighting well with Slite will not only lift the overall quality of your content, it will do your art justice.

Make Slite lights your secret weapon. Create content that's distinctly you.
Let your creativity shine through! 

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