"Create Brighter Content" | Slite Light's Debut Brand Campaign

"Create Brighter Content" | Slite Light's Debut Brand Campaign

As creators ourselves - musicians, filmmakers, directors and writers - it's daunting designing a product for other creators. We just wanted Slite to be an extension of the user's own creativity, ingenuity, personality. To help bring their bright ideas to life, with our light. Essentially, to help them 'Create Brighter Content'.

These films are - like the Slite light itself - deliberately uncomplicated, and hopefully a bit of fun. We wanted to show creators of all kinds (photographers, streamers, makeup artists, gamers & more) that professional lighting didn't need to be inaccessible or intimidating. That their bright ideas can stand out - and will stand out - with a little help from our easy-to-use, pro spec light. That - metaphorically and physically - they should be able to bring their bright ideas to life anywhere. And, at 14mm, 960g and able to run off a USB-C power bank, Slite makes creating on-the-go a reality.

What started off five years ago as an experiment to create a professional light that was easy-to-use for creators of all experience-levels, has landed us here. With a series of short films following a 'Pro Photographer', 'TikTok Dancer' and 'Twitch Streamer'. All using Slite to look their best online, and Create Brighter Content.

Watch the full campaign.

We hope you enjoy the films as much as we enjoyed making them. 
And special thanks to all the creators around the world using Slite. Your content brings a big smile to our faces.

- Robbie, Alex and Myles.


Production: Betty Wants In 
Director: Michael Mouritz
DOP: Chas Mackinnon
Creative: R. F. Coleman
Edit: Oliveri Post-Production  
Props / Art: Jemimah Gray
Talent: Aisha (dancer), Lynda (gamer), Alex (creator), Alicia (chef).

Special thanks to Fancy Hank's for use of their beautiful restaurant in Melbourne's CBD.

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