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Slite Expansion Kit | 1 x Slite Light & 1 x Expansion Pack

Slite Expansion Kit | 1 x Slite Light & 1 x Expansion Pack

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Get the most out of your creativity, with highest value for money. The Slite Expansion Kit includes the ultra portable & high-performance Slite light, as well as the aptly named Expansion Pack! Giving you the power to extend your creativity even further with a Slite Carry Case, Diffuser and Flexi-mount. 

  • Ultra portable at 14mm thin and 1035g
  • 55 watt high performance custom LEDs, rated 98.9CRI / 99+ TLCI
  • Run off a USB-C power bank or regular wall power 
  • Control brightness, color, effects, create scenes and groups to control multiple Slites at once from the Slite App for iOS and Android
  • Reproduce 16 million colors with our high-quality RGBWW LEDS.

What's included in the Expansion Bundle:

💡 1 x Slite light! Winners of Good Design's 'Best in Class' Award (Consumer Electronics) for innovative, ultra-portable design
🧲 1 x Magnetic plate, for creative mounting
⚡️ 1 x USB-C cable, 2 meters long with a straight, and right angle connection for clean cable management
🔌 1 x USB-C Power Supply, using GaN technology that allows for a slimline design, and can also charge other devices up to 3 times faster than traditional chargers!

PLUS a Slite Expansion Pack:

🌫1 x Diffuser - Soften up your lighting to make everything look a million bucks.
💼 1 x Carry Case - Super durable (and stylish) way to keep Slite safe.
🗜1 x Flexi-Mount - Feel like MacGyver and clamp Slite/a powerbank onto ANYTHING

See the Slite Light's full specs. Go on, go get technical and nerd out over our 98.9cri and extremely high R9 values.
See more about the Expansion Pack.

Full Specs

  • Power Output: 55 watts
  • Light Accuracy: 98.9+CRI, 99+TLCI
  • Light Intensity: Initial testing with the Seikonic C-800 light meter shows a 4700k reading of 2900lux at 1m
  • Dimensions: 342mm (length) x 208mm (width) x 14mm (thin)
  • Total weight: 1035g
  • Color Temperature: 2500-10000K (adjust in 100k increments)
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Cooling: Silent passive cooling
  • Power Supply: 65W USB-C Wall Charger
  • Operating Temperatures: -20°C - +40°C
  • Battery Support: The Slite does not have an internal battery. Requires minimum 65W USB-C PD (power delivery) power bank.
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Mounting: 2 x ¼ inch female threaded connection (1 landscape, 1 portrait). Slite's back is also magnetic; allowing users to mount it to metallic surfaces or the magnetic mount plate (¼ inch female threaded connection) included with the Slite.
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